Evaluating Your Voice Logging Options

Radio system manufacturers typically like to provide Voice Logging equipment bundled into the end solution. When determining which recording solution to bundle, they don’t necessarily determine the end users’ true needs, instead focusing only on basic requirements such as number of channels or other broad requirements. Furthermore, they tend to rely on a single manufacturer for the Voice Logging component. As the customer, you do have options about which Voice Logging solution is purchased. For a Voice Logging solution that actually meets and exceeds your needs, it’s necessary to very distinctly specify the solution requirements.

While trunked radio system projects are more expensive and demanding than the Voice Logging component, it’s the Voice Recording application that is the most frequently used of the total solution. A poor Voice Logging choice can be difficult to manage for many years, and can be expensive to replace separately. 

Wilmac’s vendor-agnostic, consultative approach can help you learn about the various options available for procurement and support of P25 Trunked Radio recording systems. Our Public Safety and Security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can address all questions relating to trunked radio and Voice Logging products. Voice Recording is our area of expertise; we’ll work with you to ensure you’re purchasing a logging system that is appropriate and priced right for your environment.

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