Electrical Science


Founded in 2002, Electrical Science provides an array of electrical engineering and computer sciences services including the repair of legacy computer hardware, migration of old data to modern hardware, recovery of audio from voice loggers to voicemail tapes, and more. In their own words, Electrical Science “specializes in finding elegant solutions to difficult and esoteric problems.” 

Electrical Science is uniquely qualified to retrieve audio and its related metadata from old, decommissioned equipment (such as old tapes) and convert it into a digital format. By reverse-engineering old hardware, software, and data, many formats can be extracted directly from the original media, even without the original equipment.

Electrical Science can also extract the audio and call catalog from voice logger and tapes. This metadata, which typically contains the start time, duration, and extension for each call might also include caller ID, dialed number, DNIS, and additional metadata, depending on the logger model. As needed, data recovery of damaged or partially recorded (improperly ejected) media is also available. They can deliver audio as .WAV files or in another preferred format. Supported voice loggers include versions of NICE, Racal, Dictaphone, Eyretel loggers, and more. For more information, visit www.electricalscience.com.


There are many reasons an organization may need to retrieve recordings and metadata from old equipment, including for compliance purposes, risk mitigation, or as use as evidence in ongoing litigation. Through Electrical Science, Wilmac has access to innovative technical knowledge and expertise that can help you access old recordings, extract audio and metadata, and convert recordings into a standardized format.


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