Customer Service and Call Recording

There is a fundamental relationship between customer service and Call Recording. Routinely recording and evaluating interactions between customers and Contact Center agents is one of the only surefire ways to truly guarantee that customers are receiving the high-quality service standards that they’ve come to expect.  

In many situations, the voice of the customer – the actual literal voice recorded in the conversation between agent and customer – isn’t utilized as thoroughly as it could be. There are many key programs and functions available through recording platforms that allow for insight and analysis of the customers’ words, behaviors, and actions.

Quality Monitoring, Performance Management, and Speech Analytics are just a few functions available that can be used to seek out problem areas, look for knowledge gaps, and find areas for improvement.

Similarly, supervisors can seek out best practices that can be translated into training opportunities for lower-performing agents. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a vital metric in the Contact Center environment, are one such measurement tool that can be used to help improve customer service.

To learn more about how recording customer interactions can lead to improved customer service results, contact us today. 

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