Custom Integrations

The various communication technologies available – phones, radios, trading turrets, etc. – are as varied as the locations that use them. Over the last several decades we have encountered products from manufacturers of all sizes and kinds. Well-known brands such as IPC, Cisco, Avaya, Motorola, and others, are common and tend to natively integrate with most Call Recording applications. These products are owned by enough customers that Call Recording manufacturers realized the value of ensuring native integration.

However, there are many other products being used as well. These systems may be the best fit for their unique environment, but do not natively integrate with the majority of Call Recording systems.

To support these customers and to meet this need, Wilmac offers custom-designed APIs that can seamlessly integrate systems together, even if they were not originally designed to communicate.

Regardless of the make, model, or manufacturer of your phone, radio, or turret system, Wilmac can help ensure your Call Recording solution integrates seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about the integration options available.

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