Continuity – Legacy Voice Management

Easy and convenient search and replay of legacy calls with Continuity, Wilmac’s software-based replay solution.

Even after a recording system has been decommissioned, many organizations continue to store archived calls on the retired system. This can make retrieval – which may be necessary for compliance reasons – extremely difficult and potentially time consuming.

Maintaining older decommissioned systems can also be risky for organizations. Older hardware is more likely to fail and become unrepairable. It also may run on older versions of Microsoft Windows that no longer receive security updates from Microsoft.

Continuity is a replay application that allows Wilmac to export your data (in its original proprietary format) from the retired system and convert it into a standard, non-proprietary format. Wilmac converts both voice and its corresponding metadata into a generic format that is then imported into a web-based browser interface for easy search and replay functionality. All legacy audio calls and their metadata are saved and the retired system can be completely physically eliminated, as it is no longer needed for retention or replay functionality.

Continuity offers a full range of flexible deployment options to meet your business needs today, and into the future. Continuity is a software-based solution that requires no special hardware. It can be deployed on premise, either on a traditional commercial server or as a virtual machine (VM) in your existing virtualization environment. Continuity can even be hosted in the Cloud!

 Continuity features numerous benefits, including:

  • An easy-to-use, browser-based interface
  • A software-based resilient design that is easily updatable as new Operating Systems are released
  • No necessary hardware or physical footprint
  • Very little required maintenance

To learn more about Continuity and how it can help manage your legacy audio calls and metadata, contact us.

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