Common Call Recording Support Issues

Finding reliable support for your Call Recording system can be surprisingly difficult. With decades in the Call Recording industry, we’ve heard a wide range of service issues. Here are five of the most common issues and Wilmac’s solution to each.

1.) No on-site support

  • One of the most common complaints we hear is how hard it is for customers to get a support resource on-site.
  • Your Call Recording solution is important to your organization and it is critical that your support provider understands the need for hasty resolution of problems. While many issues can be resolved remotely, there also must be a willingness to go on-site if necessary.

Wilmac’s Solution: We know when to escalate an issue, and when being on-site is important. Furthermore, if our presence is requested on-site, we make a point to be of service to our customers.

2.) Poor response and resource assignment

  • When your Call Recording investment encounters an issue, it’s imperative and often mission critical to get a resolution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many users have issues just getting to the appropriate support engineer, let alone solving the actual problem.
  • The common complaint is that service calls are poorly coordinated, and are often deferred until the service resource with the proper skill set is available. In these instances, it can take hours and days just to get in touch with someone who will then take a look at your issue.

Wilmac’s Solution: We have a dedicated service coordinator who is responsible for assigning tickets to our service team. Unique to our industry, our goal is to provide you direct access to a qualified, Tier 3 Field Service Engineer within minutes of your call. Although our approach seems straightforward, our experience in the industry has shown that we’re unique in our ability to deliver on this solid, practical model.

3.) Lack of internal resources

  • While your internal IT resources may have been able to support your Call Recording system in the past, many organizations are finding that they no longer have the bandwidth to provide sufficient support.
  • Without dedicated support, potential issues can go unnoticed. Many solutions require frequent updates and patches which, if not properly implemented, can create confusion and at the worst, recording downtime.

Wilmac’s Solution: Our service and support agreements can be customized to your organization’s specific needs, as well as on an ad-hoc, special projects basis. Whether you need full Staff Augmentation or access to our Managed Services, we work with our customers in many capacities, and our ultimate goal is to be of service.

4.) SLAs are not honored

  • The unique and advanced technical nature of Call Recording systems requires not only a service provider with top-rate technical skills, but just as importantly, one who also recognizes the requirement of reliability and responsiveness. While many providers have SLAs that are well stated, they often do not have the ability to follow through on their commitments.
  • Having specific agreements and procedures in place is key to providing quick turnaround on support calls, and to best minimize the impact a problem can have on customer systems and equipment.

Wilmac’s Solution: Our top priority is honoring and respecting our maintenance Service Level Agreements 100% of the time – no exceptions. In addition to having the largest team of certified Service Engineers in North America, all of whom are fully trained on the top products in the industry, we have well-developed and defined systems and processes that ensure we always honor our stated SLA response times.

5.) Service contract gaps

  • Upon purchasing a new Call Recording solution, many customers assume that their support contract will cover all of their needs. Unfortunately, it’s far more common that the agreement only covers advanced, tier 3 & 4 service issues.
  • The reality is that customers are often expected to resolve tier 1 & 2 issues themselves. This service gap can be surprising and incredibly frustrating.

Wilmac’s Solution: We offer customized Managed Services, so customers can get the right amount of support for their unique environment. These services include Staff Augmentation and Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM), which can be tailored to address any internal service gaps.


It’s our goal to provide the best service and support in our industry. This means we constantly implement best practices and processes that address the issues our customers face. We’re creative problem solvers and believe in being of service to all our customers. If you’re experiencing Call Recording service and support issues, contact us today. 

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