Centralized Recording

Centralized Recording allows organizations with multiple locations to consolidate and centralize recorded data. This solution ensures that data from all sources is accessible from a central system. This results in unparalleled security, reliability, and ease of use. In addition, having one single solution helps ensure organization-wide compliance with regulatory mandates. One platform is used for all channels, allowing for centralized administration and knowledge sharing.

For Financial Organizations, Centralized Recording improves overall productivity and maximizes efficiency. However, centralizing all data onto one solution also requires a solid Business Continuity plan, as system failure would impact the entire organization. Solutions, when correctly configured, assure Business Continuity with built-in functionality that addresses all potential failures.

Additional benefits of Centralized Recording solutions include:

  • Companywide compliance – there is only one solution to manage instead of many
  • Scalability – solutions can grow along with business needs
    • Adding users can be done remotely and on demand
    • An unlimited number of channels can run on one platform
  • Lower cost of ownership – individual branches can reduce overall IT expenditures because they have one solution serving the entire organization across a single platform
  • Security – secure, centralized administration of valuable recorded data solutions ensures ease of use
  • Search and replay functionality – users can retrieve recordings from any connected server and replay via an intuitive central interface
  • Efficiency – centralized data and standardized infrastructure increases the speed and ease-of-data sharing for training, quality, or investigative purposes 

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