Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

Call Recording and Quality Monitoring technology can play a valuable role for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Any business that regularly communicates with their customers should proactively manage the risks inherent in these interactions and promote quality assurance using call recording.

Call Recording systems provide fast and efficient solutions for the capture, storage, retrieval, and analysis of interactions. Recording allows for organizations to verify information, satisfy compliance requirements, protect against liabilities, and engage in advanced quality monitoring programs.

The voice of your customer is one of the most powerful and underutilized resources available to an organization. Traditional Quality Management approaches used by most companies only analyze a small fraction of their customer interactions, limiting their effectiveness and operational performance.

Our customized solutions allow users to improve call evaluation techniques with quick and easy reports, as well as efficiently develop training and coaching programs. The impact of developing these formal Quality Management programs is tremendous: increased first call resolution, improved staff performance, increased agent retention, reduced handling time, increase frequency of cross-selling and up-selling, and so on. Managers can motivate, evaluate, correct, encourage, and support their staff to improve the organizations overall bottom line.


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