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NICE COMPASS Compliance Assurance Software to Help Banks Automate Compliance

NICE COMPASS provides powerful compliance assurance recording automation tools, monitoring dashboards and reports to help financial institutions…

Environmental Changes That Can Impact Call Recording

If you’re thinking about changing any of the technology in your working environment, we encourage you to consult Wilmac before follow through on…

4 Reasons to Record All Calls

You know that you have to record calls, but have you ever really thought about why?

Record All Communications, Not Just Voice!

When you interact with clients, customers, and coworkers, what communication technology do you use?

Five Key Considerations When Buying Your Next Recording Solution

Communication Recording solutions play a major role in your organization. Here are five considerations to keep in mind when buying your next system.

Even in This Digital Era, People Still Make Phone Calls

In a world of increasing texts, emails, and social posts, calling on a phone still has a place.

Big Banks & Call Recording: How Technology Can Help

The right technology can help prevent systemic fraud and protect customers and their interests. Read more!

How to Plan for a Recording System Upgrade

Planning to upgrade your Recording system? Follow these 5 steps.

Looking for An Easy Way to Search and Replay Legacy Recordings? Meet Wilmac’s Continuity.

Introducing Continuity, Wilmac’s intuitive, web-based browser interface that allows for easy search and replay of legacy recorded calls and metadata.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: If we say we can, we will

Here at Wilmac, we’re consumers too. We understand how frustrating it is when a company’s rhetoric doesn’t align with reality.

The Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Wilmac

If upgrading recording technology is on your to-do list for 2017, Wilmac is available to help.

Domino Effect: One Software Update Can Affect Another

Like dominoes in a line, a change made to one program can affect others in strange and often unintended ways.

Cost Vs. Value: Considering the True Total Cost of Ownership

You’ve heard the phrase “Total Cost of Ownership” before. What does it mean in terms of your Call Recording system, and why should you care?

3 Steps to Avoid Lost Recordings

When a phone call is made, there is only one chance to record it. What can your organization do to reduce the risk of lost calls?

What Does Staff Augmentation Actually Look Like?

We talk a lot about our comprehensive Managed Services offering, but what do these services actually look like in practice?

We Guarantee Our SLAs – Here’s How.

What good is a commitment if you don’t follow through? Honoring our SLAs is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to quality and service.

3 Tips for Practicing Proactive Compliance

Take action before there is a problem – Mitigate risk with Proactive Compliance.

Improving Your Recording Environment Starts with a Wilmac Assessment

Want to Improve Your Recording Environment, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Your System Won’t Last Forever – 5 End of Life Milestones You Should Know

Discontinued, End of Life, EOL, Legacy, Sunset... No matter what you call your old system, it’s important to plan for the future.

Wilmac Support for NICE Systems

Wilmac knows NICE. We know their products, systems, and solutions, and have successfully partnered with them for over 10 years.