Back-Office Employees

The agents who answer incoming calls have direct public interaction, and as such, are often treated as if they are the Contact Center itself. While they do play a crucial role, they do not do it alone; back-office employees are also essential for the successful operations of a Contact Center. In fact, in many centers there are more employees in the back office than in the front. DMG Consulting (based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Survey) concluded that are 2.5 times as many back-office workers as front-office employees in Contact Centers.

Despite this high percentage, back-office employees often get ignored in the overall scheme of operations. Supervisors and managers have little or no oversight into their daily activities, even though they often have significant responsibilities that can range from order fulfillment to accounting.

Additionally, the days where the back and front office can function as independent ‘silos’ has passed. Today, in order to seamlessly facilitate customer interactions across a number of channels (more and more of which are digital and include omnichannel options), back-office personnel must be awarded the same level of oversight as front office staff.

Modern Workforce Management (WFM) solutions can help ensure that not only do you have the correct number of skilled back-office employees in the right place at the right time, but they are performing at the high standard you expect. According to a Dimension’s Data report, nearly nine out of ten Contact Centers measure quality for phone interactions, but less than two out of five (37.3%) measure the quality of back-office functions.

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